• Adex PCI Extender custom
    Wir bieten alle PCI Extender der Firma Adex Electronics an, auch Customerlösungen. Sie suchen eine spezielle Lösung die Sie hier nicht finden - Sprechen Sie uns an !
  • Adex PE-FLEX 1-4-8-16
    PE-FLEX1, PE-FLEX4, PE-FLEX8 and PE-FLEX16 are flexible extenders for PCI Express X1, X4, X8 and X16 buses. The Minimum cable length is 1". User can order any cable length up to 15". If not specified, the standard cable length defaults to 3". Parts shown below are the -FM versions. The -MM, -FF and the -CX (TX/RX crossed) versions are also available.
  • Adex PE-FLEX 1r-4r-8r-16r
    PE-FLEX16R, PE-FLEX8R, PE-FLEX4R, PE-FLEX1R are right angle flexible extenders for PCI Express X16, X8, X4 and X1 buses. The Minimum cable length is 1"
  • Adex PEX1IX
    It is especially designed to save valuable labor and time in the production environment. It is also a great tool for engineers during product development, where changes and testing are often required. It also serves to protect the motherboard from damage caused by bad board under test. It has many outstanding features such as, local or external power and signal isolation controls, fused power lines with short circuit sensing and etc. It also allows external voltage margin and current measurement. ​ Overall dimensions: 5.9" L x 2.3" H (not including the PCI bracket)
  • Adex EEERXB16
    EEERXB16 is a three slot PCI Express X16 right angle riser. It can support up to three independent PCI Express X16 buses  
  • Adex M.2-x-Flex
    Erhältlich als A-, B-, E- , M-Keyed  
  • Adex PCIRX4-FLEX
    PCIRX4-FLEX is a right angle PCI 32 bit Flexible Extender. The cable length can be specified to any length. The goldfinger end piece PCB is about 0.475" tall. The top connector PCB is about 0.63" tall. The cable can also be folded to provide offset as shown above. Overall Dimensions with 3" cable: 4.1" H x 3.85" W  
  • Adex PCIX32
    PCIX32 is a Bus Isolation Extender that allows the user to test the 32-bit PCI add-on boards quickly, without having to power the system down each time  
  • Adex PE16X2X8
    PE16X2X8 is an expansion slot adapter that converts a single PCI-Express X16 slot into two PCI-Express X8 slots.  
  • Adex PEMINI2X1
    PEMINI2X1 is a PCI Express Mini to PCI Express X1 adapter. It features power on/off switch, power LEDs and flexible configurations for easy connection.  


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