Adex PE-FLEX 1-4-8-16

PE-FLEX1, PE-FLEX4, PE-FLEX8 and PE-FLEX16 are flexible extenders for PCI Express X1, X4, X8 and X16 buses. The Minimum cable length is 1″. User can order any cable length up to 15″. If not specified, the standard cable length defaults to 3″. Parts shown below are the -FM versions. The -MM, -FF and the -CX (TX/RX crossed) versions are also available.


For the -MM and -FF versions, the cable connection is swapped in order to maintain the A to A, B to B connections. A non-swap, -NS version is available upon request. The -FM version is default to non-swap. For maximum cable length, please see FAQs TQ 14. For detail cable assembly options click here.

All Flexible cables can be fitted with a side clip option. It is mounted on the B side of the gold finger PCB. The side clip securely holds down the gold finger (male) end of the cable to the slot connector, preventing the assembly from „walking out“ of the slot during shipping or in a vibrating environment. To open the clip, the user can grab and squeeze the upper part of the clip and pull the assembly out at the same time. These side clips can also be ordered separately to retro-fit existing cable assemblies in the field.

Overall extender length with a 3″ cable: 4.25″ L