EEERXB16 is a three slot PCI Express X16 right angle riser. It can support up to three independent PCI Express X16 buses



It usually plugs into the slot 6 position of the motherboard. The middle PE-X16 connector connects directly to the riser’s gold finger.The top and the bottom PE connectors are connected to two other PE slots on the M/B via two flexible cables. All connectors are mounted on the B-side of the riser card. The bottom connector sits on a add-on PCB, which protrudes about 0.062″ toward the B side. This riser is designed for chassis with three horizontal cutouts that line up with slot 6 position of the motherboard. Any of the PE connectors on the riser can be configured to X1, X4, X8 or X16. All height dimensions are referenced to the bottom of the board. The cables can be ordered in various lengths, depending on the location of the PE slots on the motherboard. For part number suffix definition please refer to FAQs TQ 12.

Overall dimensions: 2.91″H x 7.10″W

Connector centers: 1.08″, 1.88″ and 2.68″H

Gen 4 Release Date: April 15th, 2020 (X8 and X16 only)