PEMINI2X1 is a PCI Express Mini to PCI Express X1 adapter. It features power on/off switch, power LEDs and flexible configurations for easy connection.



It requires an external power input with 12V and 5V to operate. Currently, a piggy back power conversion module can accept a standard four pin PC floppy drive power female connector. Other power input modules could also be developed upon request. The standard configuration includes a PE-X1 connector, mounted perpendicular to the PCB. The adapter’s small size allows the adapter to be clipped into a PE-MINI socket.

Couple of options are available for connection. The -R option uses a right angle connector, making the plug in board parallel to the adapter. This option replaces the older -S option. The -F option adds a flexible cable assembly to the adapter, so it can be placed farther away from the socket. The -H option can be ordered along with the -F option for insertion into a half length socket. The -CSR option, adds current sensing resistors to the 12V, 3.3V and 3.3V_aux power rails. The CSRs can be used for current measurements. The standard configuration has the dimension and form factor of a PE-MINI full size card at 30mm x 51mm (1.18″ x 2.0″).