Adex PE-FLEX 1r-4r-8r-16r

PE-FLEX16R, PE-FLEX8R, PE-FLEX4R, PE-FLEX1R are right angle flexible extenders for PCI Express X16, X8, X4 and X1 buses. The Minimum cable length is 1″


User can order any cable length up to 15″ (12″ for GEN 2 version). For the PE-FLEX16R, there are two versions, with connector mounted at the B-side (-B) or the A-side (-A). If not specified, the standard cable length defaults to 3″ and the connector defaults to the B-side. The X8, X4 and X1 are B-side facing only. The assembly can be fitted with optional side clip (see above).

Overall extender length with a 3″ cable: 4.2″ L

​Gen 4 Release Date: April 15th, 2020 (PE-FLEX8R and PE-FLEX16R only)