octoScope STACK-MID

Die mittlere  vorkonfigurierte Version des Octoscope Wireless Test Beds.

Sprechen Sie mit unseren Experten für Ihre persönliche Konfiguration.

  • octoScope ships its STACK-MID pre-configured with built-in AP and STA devices for testing Wi-Fi 6 features. Servers needed for feature testing, such as RADIUS, are included with the testbed. Thus, the testbed is turnkey and usable out of the box.
  • Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 delivers advanced security and features for improved network efficiency and lower latency, making it ideal for demanding real-time applications, such as voice, video conferencing and gaming.
  • New test offerings, such as octoScope’s STACK-WFA, will help the industry prepare for the certification process and improve device interoperability in the field.
  • With the addition of Wi-Fi 6 testing, the octoBox personal testbed now includes hundreds of new automated test cases to help our customers verify interoperability and functionality of their devices.
  • Members of Wi-Fi Alliance may work with our engineers tp install the system and train new users in 1-2 days in order to test Wi-Fi 6 features and prepare for Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 testing.

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