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Xena Chimera ist ein Netzwerkemulator der einfaches Simulieren von Ereignissen und Verzögerungen (z. B. Paketmanipulationen, Latency, Jitter, Bandwidth Control, Traffic Shaping)  zwischen Devices oder Netzwerken unter Testumgebungen im Labor ermöglicht.

Alle Bitraten von 10 GE bis 100GE werden von einem einzigen 2-slot Modul unterstützt.

Besonders interessant ist der Einsatz des Chimera Moduls in der Xena Valkyrie Bay



Chimera is a network impairment emulator that makes it easy to introduce consistent, accurate, well-defined and repeatable impairments (e.g. packet manipulation, latency, jitter, bandwidth control and shaping) to traffic between DUTs in the lab. All rates from 10GE to 100GE are supported by a single 2-slot test modu

Chimera is ideal for NEMs who want to optimize Quality of Experience (QoE) for customers by ensuring their equipment can handle acceptable levels of impairment. Service providers, enterprises, and government agencies can also use Chimera to validate Quality of Service (QoS) for voice, video, and data traffic being sent across their networks.

Chimera can be used a “standalone” solution, but it can also be installed as a test module in a ValkyrieBay chassis for seamless integration with ValkyrieManager’s traffic generator. This provides a really simple way of emulating impairment to traffic being generated via Valkyrie all from the same GUI.

Chimera makes it easy to emulate network impairment, making it a extremely cost-effective and convenient solution for:

  • Benchmarking
  • Stress testing/ Negative testing
  • “What-if” testing
  • Regression testing


New features in Chimera 3.0

  • Improved flow filtering
  • Impairment statistics
  • Flow impairments (CLI + UI)
    • Jitter (Gaussian)
    • Frame corruption (BER and FCS)
    • Frame mis-ordering
    • Frame duplication
    • Packet Drop (Burst and Gilbert-Elliot)
    • Bandwidth policing (ingress)
    • Bandwidth shaping (egress)
    • Latency (‘Accumulate & Burst’)
  • Port impairment (UI + CLI)
    • PMA error pulse injection
  • Save / Load Chimera port impairment settings
  • SyncE: All ports can sync to recovered clock from single Rx port (CLI only)

Known limitations

  • Chimera impairments do not work with Micro TPLD (Valkyrie feature)

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